Monday, July 9, 2012

A TV Solution

Even though Ashley is considered blind, she had a little bit of vision in her right eye. She can focus at about 2 inches. But, even given that, she LOVES to watch television. Her favorite shows are sports, especially basketball, and any show that has babies. She also likes watching the weather during the morning and evening news.

Because of her vision, she must sit directly in front of the television with her good eye just inches away from the screen. We currently have a big old clunker of a tube TV and that has served her well. She can't pull it over by trying to get closer, and even if she is a little rough with it, it's very solid and has taken her abuse for the last 13 years. But we may be coming to the end of that old TV's life.

Now I don't know what to do. Tube TVs aren't sold anymore. Flat screens are all that exist, but flat screens are way more fragile. She could easily pull one over, or damage it. So where do we go from here?

I've thought about trying to find a hutch type cabinet for a flat screen and then somehow rigging up a piece of plexiglass in front of the TV so she can't actually get to the flat screen. But, most hutch type cabinets have the TV up pretty high. Our current TV sits on a stand and Ashley pulls an ottoman up in front which gives her full access to the entire screen. Sitting up higher is not a good option for her since a seizure could have her falling farther to the floor.

So I need advice. What can I do to provide a safe TV watching experience for her?


Lucy Cash said...

I might see if a small handheld screen exists, like smartphone size. That way she might be able to visualize the whole screen even if she is just inches away. And it's small enough that it wouldn't be a danger.

schnitzelbank said...

Netflix and iTunes is available for iPad. You can also get these chunky rubber bumper cases to go around the iPad to make it easy to grab and protect from falls. A portable DVD player is another option. Finally, when school is back in session, you could ask the shop class at the local high school to make a plexiglass box to go over the tv. If you provide the materials, I am sure they will help you out. I used to be a high school teacher and could get little things for my classroom that way. The teacher might even have a good idea for the design. I would suggest drilling some holes in the back, so heat doesn't build up. You will also need a notch for the cords.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog, and I might have an idea for you. Try to find a Goodwill Store. They usually have the old style TVs. My daughter and I love to go to them to search for older items that can be hard to find. They are a great org. to support too.