Thursday, July 19, 2012

Seeking Olympic Sponsors

Pictured right, Australia and Canada playing a wheelchair rugby game

Ronnie loves playing so many different sports - basketball, softball, rugby, track and field - and every sport needs a different type of wheelchair. Throw in a 'street' chair for everyday use, and I would have to build a new wing on our home just to hold all the chairs.

I have been known to grumble a bit about that. I always wondered if the chairs were really all that different. Couldn't accessories just be added to a basic sports chair to make it work for all sports? The answer is, of course, no, but I never really understood the design implications as to why the answer was no.

Then I found this video called Engineering for Mobility, and it all became clear. We still can't buy a different chair for each sport Ronnie wants to play, but we all know now why a specific chair would be a real plus. Maybe when Ronnie goes to the Olympics he can find a sponsor to buy all his chairs!

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