Monday, July 2, 2012

Kidney Health

Sometimes you can do everything right, and things still don't go the way you want.

Ronnie visited his nephrologist last week, and the blood work numbers weren't good. His creatine level, what I understand to be a measure of kidney function, has been slowly creeping up. As of last week, the numbers were double what they should be. The doctor said that despite the bladder augmentation surgery Ronnie endured two years ago, his kidneys, especially his right kidney, are not doing well.

Ronnie follows a very strict diet. He takes hands full of medicine three times a day. He cathes on a schedule set by his doctors. Yet still, his kidneys are not responding.

If Ronnie's birth parent had heeded the call of the medical professionals rather than the call of her pusher, or if Ronnie's foster parents had followed through with his medical care, he would not be facing these kidney issues now. But none of that happened.

It is what it is. We will do whatever is required to maintain Ronnie's kidney health as long as we can, and then we will get him on the kidney donor list. I haven't heard good things about that list, and that folks can wait many, many years on it, but we will deal with that also when we need to.

Ronnie has a bright future ahead and really doesn't need this...

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