Friday, October 10, 2008

Another Failure

On October 7th, I wrote about a young girl who had been failed by both the system and, in my opinion, her family. That same day, the following story of a mother, overwhelmed with the events of her life, took both the lives of her children and herself.

Suicide Haunts A Kentucky Family

This mother has also been failed by the system. One of her daughters was diagnosed with a rare disorder called cri du chat syndrome. Like many rare disorders, very little support is available at the local level - the level where parents are most likely to seek help.

There is a national support group, but again, what this mother needed, and what most of us raising children with disabilities need is local, available support. If you have support groups where you live, I urge you to attend and participate. If you don't have a support group, I urge you to contact a national organization and start one in your area.

We all need support - even those of us who think we don't feel overwhelmed.


DES said...

That is tragic...and I suppose I wonder if Hope ever had the time to deal with the death of her husband?
I think 'support groups' are a great resource....but often ppl avoid them due to having to 'share' so much. It took me almost a year of attending a grief support group to finally speak up. Compassionate Friends was a group that helps with the loss of a child. Thing I didn't know...its OK just to 'lurk' in Support groups (least the ones I've encountered).
My heart goes out to Hope's family and friends.

Marla said...

Oh my God. That is so sad. I have heard of that disorder and it sounds very difficult. I am so sad for that family. Tragic.

Sheri said...

The last line of that newspaper article says, "It's hard because you don't have answers," Anderson, the school counselor said. "You don't know why."

I cried. I know why. We all with special needs kids know why. It's FREAKIN HARD. It can bring you to lowest point you ever thought possible. You can feel so utterly alone. And having lost her husband previously to suicide. Man-o-man.

Don't freak out and think I'm suicidal, and don't think I condone what she did. But I can understand it. I am thankful everyday for the connections I have found through blogging that understand and have been there. You all are the best support group.


Terri said...

This is so sad. Cri du chat is quite rare--no one has a local support group, I don't think. That is so hard for people.

My friend whose daughter has the same diagnosis works for Parent-to-Parent for that same reason...

A lot of parent groups are billed as support groups so people fear they will be sharing/counseling situations when they are more about information-sharing and networking (though serious support can happen through relationships you find there sometimes...)

Holly said...

How sad.

Karen Putz said...

My heart goes out to this family. One of the families that I know has a child with the same. For that family, the school basically told the mom that there wasn't much they could do for her child and the mom got the feeling that the school didn't want to spend time or resources on her child. :(