Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful…

  • that we have a new Trader Joe’s grocery store in town – dark chocolate covered cashews, cranberry green tea, 4 kinds of salami, foccacio bread with gruyere cheese baked on top, etc. etc.- YUMMY!

  • that our newest family member, Rocky the dog, has made a very smooth transition to his new home

  • that the beautiful Mari and her Mom and Dad visited last Saturday. Mari is one of our Dreamcatcher kids!

  • for the CPR and First Aid training that Corey’s JROTC provided to all cadets last Sunday

  • for the many different types of birds that are visiting our yard as they migrate South.

  • that I have been able to reduce (with no negative consequences) the amount of one of Ashley’s medications. My goal is to reduce as much as possible.

  • that both our cats are finally starting to adjust to having a much bigger four-legged creature around. Winky finally came back to sleep with me Wednesday night. She had been spending every moment of the day under my bed.

  • that Chip has submitted one of his college applications. Now there are only three more to go…and then we wait for responses and for a financial windfall so I can afford to send him to college!

  • that gas prices in my area have dropped significantly. Yesterday’s average price was $2.30!

  • that I got 5 straight hours of sleep last night. Thank you, Ashley and Melatonin.

1 comment:

Marla said...

You are soooo lucky! We have been praying for a Trader Joe's to come into town as well but with no luck. I love that store. When we lived In Jersey I went there all the time. Yum!

Melatonin, as you awesome!