Monday, October 20, 2008

Welcome Home, Rocky!

Ring, Ring….Ring, Ring.

Amy: Hello?

Ashley’s Mom: Hi, Amy, it’s me. How are you doing?

Amy: Fine, what’s up?

Ashley’s Mom: I heard about this great little boy today that really needs a home and…

Amy: Wait, you CANNOT adopt another child!

Ashley’s Mom: But he’s so cute, and Amy, he lives in a hospital. No child should grow up in a hospital. He needed to be there early on, and he does have a trach, but that is all. He’s young, he’s spirited, and he’s really smart. He just needs a family to call his own.

Amy: You CAN’T. You already have 4 kids, three with significant disabilities, and your health isn’t the greatest. Do I need to remind you that you have Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis? Do I need to remind you how tired you are most days? Do I need to remind you that you are a single mom and that you have to work a full time job? Come on, let’s be realistic here.

Ashley’s Mom: I know in my brain that you are right, but my heart wants to ignore my brain. It probably doesn’t even matter because any social worker in their right mind would probably have all the same reservations that you do. But he’s just such a great kid with so much potential.

Amy: I know, and I wish it could work out, but you have to think of your current situation also. You know I’m right…

Ashley’s Mom: I know, I know. OK, let’s change the subject. The kids and I visited the SPCA today. They had some great dogs there, and the kids were so excited and sad at the same time. Since Lizzie Dog had to move to her retirement home, the kids have wanted another dog so badly…

Amy: Wait! You adopted a dog, didn’t you?

Welcome Home, Rocky!!

Rocky is a 3 year old American Foxhound. The SPCA feels he was a hunting dog that wasn't hunting so the owner just released him. He very calm and loving, and great around the kids. He has already learned a couple of sign language signs, and he is a great walking partner for me at night. We're planning to let him become a therapy dog!


Sheri said...

Adorable! Welcome to a great home Rocky!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! What a great looking dog. I am sure you will all love Rocky. Can't wait to see more pics.

Barbara said...


little.birdy said...

What a beautiful dog! I'm glad ya'll found each other. :)

Lily said...

Oh fun!

kristen@nosmallthing said...

He is beautiful! I can't wait for the day that I can bring home a pooch for myself. I mean for my kids. Because I'm totally not doing it for ME. It's completely for their benefit.

He's a lucky dog, that Rocky! So glad you found each other!