Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful...

  • the the price of gas has dropped dramatically in my area. There are even some gas stations with a price slightly below $3.00

  • that I am able to work from home some days - especially days when school is not in session

  • for thick, savory potato soup on a cool, rainy weeknight

  • that my car is driving much better after I had the rotors turned and the power steering pump replaced

  • for thick, wooly socks

  • that Ashley is so excited to see me each day when I get home from work

  • that all my kids got good interim report card grades

  • that I have finally worked up the courage to 'terminate' those dreaded camel crickets that invade my home each Fall. It was a skill I had to perfect before my son, Chip, went off to college...

  • that it's almost time to break out the hot cocoa and flannel pajamas

  • that there is only one more presidential debate to go


Marla said...

Congrats to the kids on the good report cards.

Wooly socks...they don't itch your feet? I am looking forward to hot chocolate but I am not supposed to have it. Sigh.

I too am thankful just one more debate.

Holly said...

I love to read thankful lists. Helps remind me to be thankful for the little (and not so little) things. There are so many things about the cold weather I like too...the wooly socks, the hot chocolate, sweaters.

Active Gray Matter said...

Uhm.. I got those ugly ass camel crickets here too. How do you terminate them? Other than a cat springing into your lap with one in it's choppers? .:Krishanna

Ashley's Mom said...

Active Gray Matter, you sneak very quietly up behind them. Then you take the large shoe that you have in your hand (one with a flat bottom - ones like tennis shoes with lots of ridges may not work), and with dead aim throw it forcefully down on the devil's spawn. It took me a little while to perfect my aim, but I've got it now.

Then you take an old kitchen spatula to get up the remains and dump them down the swirling water in the toilet!

My cats love to chase them and play with them, but will then bring them to me in the middle of night. They (the crickets) will be missing a leg or two and they just hop around in circles on my bed. It's a recurring nightmare of mine!

Active Gray Matter said...

Thanks! I was afraid that might be your answer though. My aim is not so good and they end up jumping on me...usually a bare foot. EEEEEEEE! The cats haven't yet brought one to bed and I hope they never do!! .:Krishanna, Community Evangelist, Active Gray Matter

kristen@nosmallthing said...

I HATE Camel Crickets. Beasts, they are! I think I am more afraid of those things than any other beast.

You have very many lovely things to be thankful for. :)