Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Little of this, A Little of That

Ashley has discovered coffee! This child of mine who would drink nothing but water for the last 11 years now wants coffee. Miss Amy, Ashley's intervener, said on several occasions at school Ashley will sneak up and take a sip of her coffee. Just what this child with ADHD needs, eh?


My son, Chip, is filling out college applications and trying to get letters of recommendation from his teachers. But that's not as straightforward as it appears, at least in my school district. Knowing that most of the seniors will be applying for college, the guidance office at school sent home a list of questions for parents to answer. The guidance counselors then take those answers and turn them into letters of recommendation, ostensibly from teachers. So what is this practice teaching our soon-to-be-adult children?


I've still heard nothing from our state Department of Education regarding the complaint I filed the first week of the current school year. I guess they are still 'investigating'. As I so cynically asked in my first post, I wonder if this issue will even get resolved this current school year?


There is a Delphi Forum site that I visit regularly called Virginia Special Education. While there are some questions specific to Virginia, the majority of the discussions are about special education in general. I invite you all to join in (you will need to set up a free account) because there are a lot of really experienced parents ready to help on any special education matter.


And finally, have you had your flu shot yet this year? If not, I urge you to do so. You will not only be protecting yourself but also your children, the rest of your family, and all us other immune-supressed people with whom you come in contact!

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Marla said...

So much going on in this post! Coffee...wow! That is a big change from water. I love picturing Ashley sneaking a sip from her teachers coffee cup.