Friday, October 17, 2008

Good News - Bad News


Record Number of Registered Voters

For the first time ever, over 5 million Virginians are registered to vote. And the best news – 40% of the newly registered voters are under the age of 25. We hear and see a lot of bad news about young people, but I’m very proud of those in my state we are taking their responsibility to vote seriously.


Child Mistreated While Family Pets Fed and Cared For

She is 14 years old, weighs only 48 pounds, and her father and stepmother only allowed her to drink 6 ounces of water a day. Besides toast, she took in no other nourishment. Her brother was fed normally, and even the family dogs were fed normally and had recently been taken to the vet. Her parents have been arrested and as the article points out, may get up to 4 years in prison. 4 years??? Is that all???

The girl’s teacher complained in 2005, but Child Protective Services left the girl in the home and ordered the stepmother to go to counseling. Doesn’t seem to have worked, now does it?


Terri said...

Oh my... This is infuriating. That poor kid. Cruelty for no good reason at all. I don't know whether to cry or throw something... 4 years is no where near enough.

Tara said...

The wording in the article is even worse, quote: "the could face as much as four years in prison"...

This is more of a case of "as little as four years" to me :-(

Marla said...

Yes! So many people are voting. I went early to vote today and there were lots of people there.

Terrible what happens to children right here in the U.S.

Holly said...

That's terrible. So hard to know that someone tried to intervene and nothing was followed up on.

CC said...

It makes me sick but true for a huge number of my students as well :( :( :(