Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ashley has been on our state's debelopmental disabilities Medicaid waiver waiting list for 7 years. Each year, she receives a letter letting her know where she is on the list. This year, she is number 265. Seven years ago, she was in position 345.

I'll let this video explain our frustration and the frustration of hundreds of thousands of other families and individuals with disabilities.

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MMC said...

(((( shaking head )))))

Nice video, though.

Actually a thought occurred to me while watching that - does the US have any sort of constitutionally protected right to mobility?

What I am thinking of is that in Canada, our Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees mobility rights, including between provinces. If the US has something similar, I would think that a good argument might be made to at least ensure that individuals can move between states without having to re-apply for a waiver.

PS - I confess that I don't comletely understand this whole "waiver" concept but I still think the argument stands - if you have a constitutionally guaranteed mobility rights, that is.