Monday, August 9, 2010

Captioning on Demand

Finding closed captioned movies at the theatre is difficult in my area, to say the least. There is only one theatre that shows captioned movies, and the movies are never at the theater until weeks after the opening shows. For example, it took about 4 weeks before Eclipse was available with captioning, and then the show times were not such that we could go.

But Chip, my ever resourceful son, has found a solution - a solution that will allow Ronnie to go to any movie at any theatre and have captioning available.

Chip found an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch application that will display captioning (or subtitles if one doesn't need the captioning as it is presented to the Deaf). He's checked dozens of movies, including first run ones, and captioning is available!

Here are some screen shots. First you enter the name of the movie you wish to see captions for and perform a search:

Any matches show up and you select the correct movie:

And here is an example of the captions. It's very similar to the technology used in rear-window captioning (which the theatre near us does not offer).

Ronnie can use it in a movie theatre or at home, as pictured here. Chip set his iPad up right next to Ronnie's TV.

How cool is this, and how brilliant is my geeky son??!!!


mommy~dearest said...

I lurve Chip. :)

Deana said...

That's amazing! What is the name of the app?

Ashley's Mom said...

Deanna, the app is called Subtitles.