Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hospital - Day 9 and The Homecoming

Tuesday was Ronnie's 9th day in the hospital. The doctor told us his stay would likely be 10 days, but he sure seemed ready to go home to me. Especially when I saw him consume pancakes, eggs, bacon and cereal for breakfast!

We kept hearing rumors all day that MAYBE he could go home Tuesday afternoon or evening. Being the obsessive/compulsive person that I am, I had come to the hospital that morning with a list - a list of things I felt needed to be accomplished or put in place before we left the hospital. We got very lucky and had a nurse who was just as OCD as me, and she started ticking off the list early in the morning.

Finally the decision was made - we could go home! The meds were ordered - my training was completed - the orders for skilled nursing care were put in - and all the clothes, toys, cards, and ballons were packed up. We looked like a wagon train heading to the car with everything, but none of that mattered - we were headed home!!

Wednesday was Ronnie's first full day at home. It wasn't the easiest day. He was still in some pain, and we all had to work out a new routine - a routine that included three catheters and two urine collection bags. Little things like taking a shower became quite a production.

A nurse stopped by for about 30 minutes to change his dressings, dressing which started to come off about an hour after the nurse left. Then one of the catheter connections came apart. Chip and I kept trying to get it back together, and could for a little while, but it's not a permanent fix. What it is, however, is a huge mess maker. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that today's nurse will be able to secure the connection.

This home care stuff is a whole lot harder than I thought it would be. Harder even then when both Ashley and Jessica had brain surgery. The lifting, the transferring, the toileting, the bathing, the hassles with the catheters - all that equals one very tired Momma. Especially considering that I am still the fulltime caregiver for Ashley this week also ( her regular aide is on vacation this week ).

Thankfully, the wonderful Diane, Ronnie's social worker, has arranged for some in-home nursing help, which hopefully will start this weekend. Some help with the bathing and toileting would be much, much appreciated!!!

Even as difficult as it is, I know that Ronnie's quality of life and health are going to get much better after all this is said and done. That alone is worth everything we are all going through.


Dalya said...

So will ronnie now HAVE to have a kidney transplant? Or did this try and fix things to put this off for a little while? And how are there 3 cathaders and two urine bags...I thought there was only one place that could come from.....or does he have one coming out of his bellie? Stay strong there tired Momma :P it'll all be over and done with soon!


Azaera said...

Wow sounds like you are overwhelmed over there! Wish I could lend you a hand.