Monday, August 30, 2010

A Baseball Wish

I think I may have mentioned before that Ronnie has been approved for a wish by the Make A Wish Foundation. We talked and met with Make a Wish prior to his surgery, but everything was put on hold until after the surgery and until the doctor said it would be ok to grant the wish. Well, that has happened!

Now we just need to work out the details and make plans. Ronnie's wish is to meet Adam Dunn, the first baseman for the Washington Nationals baseball team. The Nationals is his favorite team, and he gets so excited every time he sees Adam Dunn on TV. When we took our weekend trip to Baltimore earlier this summer and saw the Baltimore Orioles play the Nationals, we came home with dozens of pictures - almost all of them of Adam Dunn!

I really hope that the Nationals will make Ronnie feel welcome, and that Mr. Dunn especially will understand what a positive experience this will be for Ronnie. I'm pretty confident this will all happen, but even more so after viewing this video that Lucy from Life In Forsyth:

Local Youth Hit The Field With Washington Nationals.

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Carl Anderson said...

That news made my day!