Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Down, One To Go

When Ronnie had surgery a month ago, he came home with three different catheters coming from his body. Two were designed to keep his bladder from filling because he had just had a bladder augmentation procedure. The other was from a Malone procedure, a re-routing of a part of his bowel to make life simpler for him.

The first catheter to go was one from his bladder. But the second one had to stay in another 2 weeks. I'll spare you the details of why he and I both HATED that last bladder catheter because I don't want to cause you to lose your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Today, though, we celebrated! The second catheter from his bladder was removed!! After an imaging study to make sure there were no leaks in his bladder, the doctor yanked the catheter out - Ronnie yelped - and then smiled!

Even though we now have to collect data on the volumes removed from his bladder, it is WONDERFUL to not have that second catheter. He can now actually start wearing his own pants and not have to continue to borrow the large size from his brother.

In another month, the very small catheter still in place because of the Malone procedure should be removed and replaced with a Chait Trapdoor - something very similar to a G-tube Mickey button.

My goal was to have Ronnie all recovered in time for school, and I think we just may make that!!

Way to go Brave Boy!!

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