Thursday, August 19, 2010

A New Ride

Ronnie's recovery from his surgery almost 4 weeks ago is progressing nicely. Despite some setbacks with faulty catheters, he is almost completely back to his happy self.

Today we visited the spina bifida clinic at our Children's Hospital, and everyone was remarking about how great he looked. He loved all the attention, but even that paled in comparison to the moment his new wheelchair was pushed into the room!

The wheelchair Ronnie brought with him when he joined our family last March was in pretty sad shape. Parts of it were refurbished just before he moved in, but still it was too small for him, the brakes needed adjusting weekly, and worst of all (at least to Ronnie), it didn't 'go fast'.

But all that has now been solved! Thanks to a special physical therapist, a great wheelchair technician, and most especially, a wonderful social worker, Ronnie has a new ride!

It is a sports wheelchair - shiny black, the right size, a seat cushion that is very comfortable, the ability to spin on a dime, and most importantly FAST! It even has an embroidered person in a chair going super fast!

Next stop? Wheelchair basketball team!!

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