Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hospital - Day 8

Yea - yea - yea! The doctors said Ronnie might be able to come home on Wednesday!!

His NG tube has been removed, and he is MUCH happier. He has been allowed a clear liquid diet, but suprisingly, he hasn't wanted much to eat or drink. Does a person's system start to shut down after about 10 days and just not desire to eat or drink? He needs to pick up the pace a little so we actually can go home Wednesday.

He really is back to his old happy self now. He and Chip were teasing like typical brothers, and he was laughing a lot with the nurses. The doctors say everything is looking really good, and even though we will be going home with three tubes still in place, and I will have to learn how to flush and drain some attached bags, I don't care. I just want him home!

I took a couple of pictures today but they didn't turn out. I tried taking them with a new phone, and I apparently haven't figured out how to get a good picture yet. So today I am just going with my stack of happiness blocks!


Dalya said...

WOOT HOO!! homecomings are awesome!

Queenbuv3 said...


Roschelle said...

The appetite will get better. After 10 days of nothing but IV fluids, the stomach "shrinks" so to speak.

With each day more and more food/liquid will be consumed.

Just found you through the next blog feature in the header of all blogger blogs. But I certainly wish you and yours the best :)

Roschelle said...

Instead of skipping off like I so often do. I stayed and read more of your posts and learned more about you and your family. Ronnie is so handsome. I didn't catch his name the first time around and Ashley...I hope I got that right.

You seem like such a beautiful person. Any way, I do have a habit of rambling. So, I'll stop.

Definitely adding you to my "roll"! Be in touch :)