Thursday, August 18, 2011


The child’s father said that he took care of his son for many years and that he just started to look at him as no longer his son, but rather just an inanimate object.

The child was seven years old and had cerebral palsy as well as some other unspecified disabilities. He was fed through a G-tube and was unable to speak.

The child’s father took a hacksaw and decapitated his son and then purposely left his son’s head in a position that his wife would discover. Before the wife, who was out running errands, returned, a volunteer firefighter drove by and spotted the boy’s head by the side of a city street. When the police arrived, the child’s father was standing on the porch and told the police that it was just a crash test dummy and that he had done it as a joke. The police found the rest of the child’s body in a white trash bag nearby.

The boy’s name was Jori.

His father, in my humble opinion, should rot in hell.

I’m so sorry, Jori. I wish you could have been my little boy.

Louisiana Child Killing


Krystle said...

I'm pissed. and I'm crying. and i'm pissed!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Disgusting. No, there are no words.
Sweet Jori, peace and love to you.