Monday, August 29, 2011


What a weekend! Hurricane Irene came for a visit, and turned our town upside down. As of last report, still almost a million people in Virginia alone are without power. We are one of those, but fortunately my generator is chugging away. It provides everything but laundry facilities and air conditioning.

The power company said it would be 1 to 2 weeks before all power is restored....

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure, and so you can breath a sigh of relief if you were not in Irene's path!

My neighbor to the right is a school teacher. She may be a great teacher, but she is not the best hurricane planner. I mean, who leaves plastic lawn chairs and empty trash cans sitting in the driveway when winds are projected to be 75 miles an hour.

She was also one of the folks who had tree damage. And, her tree decided to take out our fence!

Our neighbor on the other side had a tree that split and fell across power lines. I guess it's not dangerous since THERE IS NO POWER!

In our yard we just had a lot of branches fall - nothing major.

And I am very proud of my little peach tree for standing its ground! There were times when it was bent almost horizontal to the ground, but it didn't give up!

As it turned out, my immediate neighbors and I had it pretty easy. Check out this tree that fell across the road leading out of our neighborhood!

And because I felt a tiny bit guilty being the only house on the street with a generator, I decided to share our good fortune with all our neighbors the next morning!

I'm very glad it is over, and hope that no more hurricanes come our way this season!!

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