Friday, August 12, 2011

Yet Another Disrespectful Movie

I really hadn’t planned on going to see the new movie with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman titled, “The Change-Up.” To me it looks like just another silly switching bodies type of movie and after Freaky Friday, I think I have had my fill of that. But there is another even bigger reason I won’t see it.

Just like the movie Tropic Thunder, The Change-Up attempts to get laughs at the expense of people with disabilities. In one exchange early in the movie, Reynolds’ character asks Bateman’s character about his young twins. “Why can’t they talk yet? Are they retarded or something?” he says. Reynolds follows up with, “the one on the left looks a little Downsy.”

The Special Olympics organization is calling for an apology from Universal Pictures. The ARC is calling for an apology, and the disability community is up in arms and expressing their distaste on blogs and social networking sites.

It is long past time for this disrespect to stop. Even if we all boycott the movie, it probably won’t be noticed because it is generally a stinker of a movie. But, if you have a way to express your outrage – if you are offended – if you want movie executives to stop trying to get laughs at the expense of those we love, I urge you to let your opinion be heard.

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Queenbuv3 said...

Horrible. I'm sick of people using such offensive language. It's just not right. We WILL NOT be watching this movie. Thanks for the heads up.