Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This and That

I so despise sitting in a hospital surgical waiting room. Worry hangs in the air like smoke from a camp fire on a cold, windless Winter night. No one smiles, but there is a lot of finger drumming, foot tapping, leg shaking, and wary eye darting. Everyone waits for the call that will make their heart breath a deep sigh of relief.

Ashley wasn't having surgery last Friday, but she was under anesthesia for an MRI of her three brain tumors. Anesthesia and kids with significant special needs, including breathing issues, do not a good mix make.

While I watched the hospital pastor approach one of the most anxious families, I knew from experience that the news wasn't going to be good. I've been there, and I just wanted to scream at the priest and tell him to go away, all the while wanting him to just pray as hard as he ever had in his life.

Today, my call came and it was good news. Ashley was in recovery and I could come hold her while she woke. The cloud of worry over my head dissolved as if it had been rained upon...


Ronnie absolutely refuses to practice walking with his braces and crutches. About a year ago, he said he wanted to learn to walk. Although he didn't like to slow down his life to go to physical therapy, he was cooperative when he got there. He worked very hard, and was able to take a few difficult steps.

But now he has decided he does not want to walk.

I think it is because the learning is difficult, and even the result, should he learn to walk, would be more difficult than just wheeling himself around in a chair.

So, should I force him to keep going to therapy, knowing all the while he won't practice? Or should we stop? It could be viewed that he has accepted himself as a wheelchair user and he is comfortable with that versus someone who has to work very hard just to be a walker like most of the world.

I'm going to speak to the therapist, but I am leaning towards supporting his acceptance as a wheelchair user.


Ashley always has been a picky eater. Actually, picky is too mild a word. She was fed through a G-tube for many years, but then became a proud graduate of the Children's Hospital Feeding Program. What that meant is that she would tolerate soft foods in her mouth. Her diet was made up of mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, pudding, applesauce, chicken nuggets, and Le Suer baby peas (HAD to be Le Suer).

Through the years, I have tried introducing new foods, and ever so slowly she has added to her menu plan. She now will eat raw spinach, scrambled eggs, chicken salad, tuna salad, and cupcakes. But she still has a long way to go.

For some unknown reason, there is one place she will always try new foods.

The kids and I often go to a restaurant named Positive Vibe Cafe. The Cafe was born from a marvelous idea (read it here), and the food is spectacular. Earlier this summer, she tried key lime pie there. And this past Saturday, Chip convinced her to try fried calamari. After placing a ring of squid on each finger, she then proceeded to gobble them down (the squid, not her fingers). The waitress was so excited that she asked the chef to make a few more for her!!

I wonder if the owner would rent out a room for us to live in??


I found the storm trooper helmet hidden behind the toilet. Ronnie had been in the bathtub, so I wasn't surprised. But I couldn't find the storm trooper anywhere. I asked Ronnie after he had finished his bath and was in his room, and he just shrugged. But it was a slightly guilty shrug, and I soon found out why.

The storm trooper has decided to go for a ride down our toilet.

For the record, storm trooper do much better in space than in the sewer system...

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